Train Simulator 2013

Get behind the controls of a simulated train on various tracks across the world


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  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP
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An okay game and better than the 2015 version.

Train Simulator 2013 has worse graphics than the 2015 version, but that is to be expected. The question is that should you buy this version, or the 2014 or 2015 version? If you can get this game for a reasonably low price, then go for the 2013 version. There is not much to do within the game, which ironically makes it a seemingly accurate train simulator. If you purchase the later games, then all you are doing is paying a lot more money for what is essentially a visually upgraded game and not much more.

A Very Slow Game But That Is Rather Like Real Life

It seems unfair to criticize the game for being a little slow and dull; when that is what being a real train driver is like. There is very little to do other than starting and stopping the train. There are times when you see a speed sign and it means you can go a little faster or have to go a little slower, otherwise it is mostly a game where you watch the scenery go by.

Complete The Missions

The missions you have to complete usually involve getting from one point to another point, but then there is very little variety in real life so there is not much they can add into the game. For example, on one mission you have to impress a bunch of people with your new train, but it is not as if you can turn on the laser turrets and take out a field of cows as you ride.

Honk Your Horn If You Like

As a train simulator it is pretty good, but there is little more to the game than experiencing what it is like to be a train driver. The later games (up to 2015) are very expensive and are graphically and visually a lot better than this game, but the extra visual experience is all you are paying for. There are not exactly epic amounts going on outside the train in the later versions in the same way that there is not much going on outside the train on this version. The scenery is not a cardboard cut-out, which means you will see cars driving and smoke coming from people’s chimneys and such.


  • A fairly realistic train experience
  • See your train from numerous angles
  • Find out what it is like to drive a train


  • Rather repetitive (but that is what driving a train is like)
  • Not much to do and ergo is a game for train simulator fans only
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